Top 5 Treatments And Drugs For Cold Sores

Cold sores are a common viral skin infection caused by the herpes simplex virus. They usually appear as fluid filled blisters beneath the skin’s surface around the mouth or on the lips. Cold sores can break open, ooze, crust over and spread to another part or another person. Most people who have the virus develop no symptoms. But some people may deal with severe symptoms and even experience recurring breakouts. When you get cold cores, you may suffer a fever, headache, sore throat or aches and pains. Fortunately, the symptoms usually clear up within seven to ten days without treatment. In most cases, you can treat cold sores easily with antiviral prescribed drugs, topical creams and home remedies. However, the virus remains in the body and reactivates when acquiring perfect environments. So understanding this article to know how to calm down the virus and prevent a cold sore outbreak.

The following’s top 5 treatments and drugs to treat cold sores.

  1. Prescription antiviral drugs

Symptoms of cold sores are many and various. Depending on the severity of symptoms, your doctor may have different treatments for you.

If your cold sores are irritating and painful, the doctor may recommend an anesthetic gel to ease the pain. He/she may also prescribe an antiviral oral drug to speed healing and prevent another outbreak. The common prescription drugs are acyclovir, penciclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir. Some can be taken by mouth while others are creams to be applied to the sores daily.

Most patients find the pills work better than the creams. Antiviral creams can only help to reduce symptoms and heal current sores. They cannot inactivate the virus or prevent future outbreaks. Antiviral pills are more effective in treating cold sores.  However, the prescribed pills usually interact with other medications. Also, it may cause side effects and can only be prescribed for severe cases.

So discuss with your doctor if you consider taking prescription antiviral drugs.

Oral Antiviral Drugs For Cold Sores

Oral Antiviral Drugs For Cold Sores

  1. Cold sore patches

Most patients use cold sore patches to relieve the tingling and burning sensation. These patches contain a special gel called hydrocolloid, which is effective for skin wounds. Furthermore, cold sore patches have been clinically proven to lessen scabs and speed up the healing process.

Cold Sore Patches- Cold Sore Treatment

Cold Sore Patch- Cold Sore Treatment

  1. OTC topical drugs used to treat cold sores

These days, many OTC topical drugs are widely available to treat cold sores. Doctors believe these drugs can provide you more simple and quick relief. Two most common topical drugs for cold sores now are Abreva and Prosurx.

Abreva is used to minimize painful sores and speed up the healing process. For the best results, however, the drug must be used many times a day.

Prosurx is known for effectively treating the herpes simplex virus. It can target the virus both on the surface and lower layers of the skin. Unlike other topical drugs, the drug uses the power of nano-medicine and natural ingredients for a quick and safe effect. Not only does Prosurx kill the virus but it also prevents future outbreaks of cold sores. Most patients use this drug and report seeing results after hours of treatment. To completely get rid of cold sores, it may take you from 2 to 5 days.

Apply OTC Topical Drug On Cold Sores

Apply OTC Topical Drug On Cold Sores

  1. Non-antiviral treatments

Some non-antiviral drugs are also available for cold sores without a prescription from doctors. As a matter of fact, these drugs are not specially designed to treat cold sores. However, people can use them to ease pain and irritation.

For example, you can reduce the pain of cold sores by painkillers like ibuprofen. However, ibuprofen is not used for patients with asthma or stomach ulcers. Aspirin can also be helpful, but not be recommended for children under 16.

If you have a cold sore and consider using non-viral treatment, speak to your doctor.

Non-antiviral Drug For Cold Sores

Non-antiviral Drug For Cold Sores

  1. Home remedies

People who prefer a natural approach to cold sore treatment may consider home remedies. Some home remedies can be helpful in reducing symptoms of cold sores. But there is little evidence to support them. In fact, some have been proven to be effective against cold sores.

You can apply warm tea bags on the sores. Tea includes vitamins and antioxidants, which helps speed up the healing process. Furthermore, this remedy can lessen pain and discomfort of blisters.

You can also apply cold compresses or ice bags to the sores. That will help reduce red, swollen blisters and prevent spreading.

White toothpaste contains lots of active properties, which can dry out blisters and reduce the size of the sores. Thus, you can apply it once a day to get rid of cold sores.

Many people use Aloe Vera to reduce pain and inflammation of the sores. This method also helps to disinfect the affected area and speed up healing process.

Home remedies should be used to treat cold sores in the mild cases. However, they still have a small chance of side effects. Stop using them if you experience an itching and burning sensation.

Home Remedy For Cold Sore

Home Remedy For Cold Sores

Cold sores can go away on their own after several days. However, suffering from these painful sores is extremely annoying and embarrassing. Thus, you should take these above treatments and drugs to get rid of them as soon as possible. Cold sore treatments and drugs depend on the symptoms and your own treatment preference. But, you should talk to your doctor to determine which treatment is suitable for you.