Safest Treatment Options for Cold Sores During Pregnancy

Cold sores (oral herpes) with fever blisters are too common to everyone can catch. Women with pregnant especially may be put at a danger of contracting the infection. Due to hormonal changes or through skin contact, they get cold sores in some cases. Normally, the infection only causes irritation at any time. But if you’re pregnant, it induces more concern. The discomfort may increase your stressful that has impact on your baby. Thus, women always look for safest treatment options to protect their health’s babies during pregnancy.

What causes cold sores during pregnancy?

Cold sores during pregnancy are always challenging. The infection is mostly caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1). There’re many causes of cold sores. It can be spread through kissing or sharing eating utensils with an infected person. During pregnancy, the immune system is often weak to stop a woman’s body from rejecting an unborn baby. So, they’re easy to get infection, such as flu, colds, cough and cold sores.

Not only that, the relationship between stress and hormonal changes will have impact on pregnant women’s body. They can cause your cold sores easily. You need to calm your mind during pregnancy. Also, exposing your lips to the strong sunlight can be the cause for cold sores. In general, there’re variety of factors causing your cold sores while pregnant. Unluckily, once contracting the virus, it stays dormant in your nerve system and builds up outbreaks many times.

Cold sores are caused by lots of factors

Cold sores are caused by lots of factors

Can cold sores affect your baby during pregnancy?

Cold sores may become worse while pregnant because of the natural transition. Combined with lowered immune function, the infection can often occur. You may feel a bump or tingling on your lip. But you shouldn’t too worried when contracting oral herpes. It’s a localized infection, so there is no way for the virus to pass to your baby. However, you should avoid nervousness and stress to protect your baby from negative thinking. And if you have an outbreak after giving birth, don’t kiss your baby and don’t touch the blisters. Try to be careful with your newborn once you’re developing oral herpes.

How can I treat cold sores safely during pregnancy?

Though a cold sore won’t harm your baby, they’re annoying. So, preventing a cold sore from forming is essential. You should choose treatments won’t affect your unborn baby. But some OTC medications may have side effects on your body. There’re also natural cures to consider.


Not only is ProsurX effective treatments genital herpes, but it also works well cold sores. It’s the OTC topical medicine which is FDA approved ingredients. These are Tea Tree, Melissa Officinalis, Aloe Vera, St John’s wort and Prunella Vulgaris. They will penetrate in the deepest layer of the skin to kill the virus and prevent it from spreading to healthy cells. Besides, the cream can shorten the healing process and stop the virus before they start. No need to take more time, you only apply it to sores, then you can relax while the outbreaks is healing. ProsurX is a little bit expensive, but it works effectively. The cream is safe for all people. But if you’re pregnant, ask your doctor before using.

ProsurX is safe and effective for pregnant women

ProsurX is safe and effective for pregnant women

Tea tree oil

Does green tea treat cold sores is the common question. The fact is tea tree oil is a great option for everyone gets cold sores. It’s rich in antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptics agent. These will reduce your healing time and relieve itching, pain. They also help to prevent the virus from spreading. Besides, tea tree oil has many amazing health benefits. But you should dilute it with water to avoid sensitivity.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is a useful solution for pregnant women. It contains more antioxidant and enzyme properties. These help speed up the recovery process. Besides, the product can help relieve inflammation and stop stinging or itching. You can either use the aloe plant or find other natural products containing this ingredient. But if you use a product containing aloe vera, you need to make sure that the rest of the ingredients are safe and don’t irritate your skin.

Aloe Vera is safe and beneficial to cure cold sores

Aloe Vera is safe and beneficial to cure cold sores

Ice pack

Ice pack is beneficial and safe to heal a cold sore. It helps relieve itching and burning. If you’re too pain, you can apply a cold compress directly your blister. The feeling of cool sensation is great and numbs the blister for w while. Thus, you may be free of pain.


Changing lifestyle

Changing lifestyle is important to treat cold sores during pregnancy. Healthy habit can help prevent outbreaks occur while pregnant. You should eat more essential foods to promote your immune system. There’re certain foods that weakens cold sores, such as vitamin C, zinc, omega 3s food. It’s important to avoid arginine foods like oats, chocolates and nuts.

In addition, you need to reduce stress. It can trigger the infection. Instead, you should do anything you like, deep breathing and do exercise. This will lower down your stress and reduce chances of getting flare ups.

Keeping your lip moisture with Vaseline or balms is essential. When the infection is in the scabbing stage, it becomes dry and prone to cracking. When it does crack open, it can begin to bleed and make your cold sore is worse.

Cold sores during pregnancy doesn’t harm your baby. But how to stop cold sores during pregnancy is the most asked question by most of pregnancy.  The answer is you should choose products containing natural ingredients. And try to avoid ingredients can cause your allergy.