Prevent a Cold Sore From Forming

Cold sores caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV) that often forms around your mouth or on your lip. All people will have an equal chance to get the infection at some point of lifetime. You can contract the virus by skin contact through kissing and having oral sex with an infected person. Or sharing eating utensils also put you at a risk of catching cold sores. Cold sores with fever blisters or clusters are the common symptoms of the HSV type 1. Besides, you may develop fever, headaches and body aches in some cases. Your skin will also become red, sore and swollen. Unluckily, once contracting the virus, outbreaks occur many times per year. Also, there is no cure for herpes. But, there are many things you can do to limit frequency of cold sores. All things you can do is taking a look at your signs to prevent the infection from forming. Here’re some ways that can help you stop cold sores at the initial time.

1. Avoid triggers

As you know, triggers are the major reasons leading your cold sores and recurrences. If you want to prevent them, the best thing is to avoid triggers.

Don’t kiss an infected person

The virus can be passed from an infected person to your body through kissing. So, when you realize you’re under a risk of catching cold sores, you should avoid kissing someone who has fever blisters.

Boost your immune system

One of the common trigger of a cold sore is weakened immune system. There’re lots of reasons leading your lowed immune function. These can be poor nutrients, unhealthy lifestyle and other infections. Once your immune system isn’t strong, the virus and foreign substances will attack the body and cause many infections and diseases. Thus, cold sores can be build due to your lowed immune function.

Foods prevent cold sores

Foods prevent cold sores


Keep your stress level down

When you’re stress or tired, your immune system becomes weak. Then, the HSV grows and creates your cold sores. In fact, many people have cold sores when they’re stressful. So, you need to listen to your body if you want to inhibit the infection. Try to take rest and go to sleep when you’re tired.

Avoid sharing personal items

Most people think that sharing personal items will show their love. But in fact, this increases your dangers of getting infection, such as skin fungal infections and cold sores. Face towels, toothbrushes and razor of an infected person may transmit the virus to you. Even if they don’t show any symptoms currently, you can still be to get the virus.

Change your toothbrush frequently

It’s important to change your toothbrush regularly because the virus can live in it. When the infection goes away, you should throw toothbrush away and change a new one. This may inhibit your outbreaks.

Change toothbrushes to inhibit cold sores

Change toothbrushes to inhibit cold sores

Protect your face from the sun

The UV rays in sunlight is a trigger of a recurrence. But you can prevent the infection by applying sun cream if you go out. It’s good to avoid going out from 11 am to 3 pm. This’s because the UV rays will be strong at the time.

2. Try medication

Before appying treatments, you need to recognize some symptoms of forming a cold sore. Even though everyone suffers from different signs, it still has some similar symptoms to know the infection begins to occur. Burning, tingling, itching and redness are some common signs. Then, fever blisters or clusters will appear. But, you still have variety of cure options to treat cold sores, such as home remedies, medicines and creams. Here’re some medications for your infection.

Use antiviral creams

Cold sores can be cured with antiviral creams, so you should apply them at the beginning of the infection. Abreva, ProsurX, Acyclovir, Denavir are useful antiviral creams for cold sores. These are often available over the counter. You can apply them following the instruction on the package. They will kill the virus at the initial time and are effective for preventing outbreaks. ProsurX and Abreva, especially works faster and better than other ones, are trusted by thousands of people.

ProsurX kills the HSV

ProsurX kills the HSV

Take antiviral drugs

Antiviral medicines are effective treatments for your infection. Taking them at the forming will kill the virus fast. Some antiviral drugs you can take such as Zovirax, Famvir and Valtrex. These normally bring to result within 1-2 weeks. But you should ask your doctor before taking them.

Protect your lips by using lip balm or zinc oxide

Exposure to sunlight can make you get an outbreak. Besides, some antiviral drugs or other treatments will make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Thus, you need to protect your lips from the UV rays by using lip balm or zinc oxide.

3. Use topical treatments

If you don’t want to take medications, topical treatemnts may help cure your infection. You can treat cold sores with these things, including:

Tea bags

They contain tannic acid that is believed to have antiviral properties. So, applying tea bag to your lip within 3-5 minutes will be useful for the infection. But you shouldn’t use a tea bag many times to avoid spreading.

Tea bags cure the infection

Tea bags cure the infection

Propolis ointment

This’s a resin created by bees. The product possesses antioxidant properties and can boost your immune system. Many studies show that the propolis ointment will stop the HSV from spreading.

Peppermint oil

If you have cold sores, applying peppermint oil may prevent the virus spreading. This oil also heals your infection fast.

Lemon balm cream

Lemon balm has been shown to prevent the infection form forming. Once you feel tinging, applying lemon balm cream will soothe your skin and prevent the virus develop.

You can get a cold sore easily. The infection is also a highly contagious infection. Thus, it’s important for you to prevent getting the infection. If you have some initial signs of the infection, you should find treatments to cure it immediately. Above tips will help you prevent a cold sore from forming effectively.