My Review of Abreva
Abreva is one of the most effective products to treat cold sore. It is used by thousands of people in a year and becomes the reliable product for people with this disease. You know, cold sore is an annoying disease, it usually appears outside the mouth, besides, it is highly contagious so many people in the world get it. The infection caused by virus Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (HSV 1). This virus can be transmitted by skin to skin to skin contact when people share cups, personal items. Kissing, touching the blister or having also can be reasons.
Unluckily, this virus never goes away once you have it, it will remain in your body during life. Although some of patient without noticeable symptoms, it can still be spread. Moreover, outbreaks can come back by some of these reasons such as exposure to the sun, hormonal changes, stressful and fatigue. After outbreak has passed, the virus retreat back in to the cells and waiting to strike again. Cold sore is generally not dangerous to health problem, but it can cause serious problems if do not cure. As a trustworthy product, Abreva is my supporter to treat cold sore effectively.

Abreva- a best choice for cold sores

There is a fact that, about 67% people all over the world carries HSV-1 and 1 in every 4 people have recurrent cold sores. So you shouldn’t feel alone with a lot people like you. I used to suffer from many symptoms of the infection. It was difficult for me not only eating, drinking but also feeling tiredness and shame. Besides, outbreaks come back many times in every two months, it disturb my life so I really hate it. But, as from using Abreva, my life is peaceful. There is no outbreak as well as the symptoms of cold sores, I just have used this product for 5 months.
Abreva is the only a treatment for cold sore that approve by FDA. It is used to shorten treating time and duration of tingling, pain, burning, and itching symptoms. It is recommended to use for treating cold sore by most Pharmacist. While other products only calm, Abreva cures cold sore from the inside out by going deep in the skin.
I remember that my outbreak came back again in 5 months ago, at that time my mother gave me Abreva because of its great results. I used it with a bit doubt in my mind, because I had used many products before and they weren’t more effective. But it’s so lucky for me, after using Abreva in 3 days, good results were appeared, my blisters on lips disappeared, too. When using it, I just applied it to the wound 5 times a day every 3-4 hours. Unlike many products I used before, it brings the results faster than I think. Outbreaks haven’t occurred since I used Abreva, so I’m so satisfied with this product until now.
Besides, I heard that many people who have used this product have been satisfy with it. My classmate is an example, it was her first time having cold sore in last month. So I gave Abreva for her because of my good results from it. She began to use it in second day of cold sore after her upper lip had become bigger in the first day. Using this product until the fourth day, her lip looked normal and just had only one wound on it. From that day, she have used Abreva whenever her first symptoms of cold sore starts.
Like us, more people with cold sore have used it and they said that this product was reliable as well. Although time to see the result is different from each other, it is usually effective with 3-7 days. Most of them are pleased with it.

What is in Abreva and how can use it?

Abreva is made from benzyl alcohol, light mineral oil, propylene glycol, purified water, sucrose distearate and sucrose stearate. This product contains 10% Docosanol, it’s an active ingredient that protects healthy cells against the cold sore virus. Because Abreva supports the healthy cells defeat the cold sore virus, this virus has difficult time entering more and more cells. It means that cold sores disappear faster and signs don’t last as long.
About the usage, it is easy for you to use Abreva. You can use it at the first sign of cold sore (such as tingling, burning, redness or a bump). Before applying Abreva to the wound, you should wash your hands and dry them, clean and dry affected area. Then, you apply a thin layer of drug to cover the cold sores area completely, use it 5 times a day every 3-4 hours. Remember that washing your hands with soap after applying.This product is used to apply to skin only. You don’t apply it in or near the eyes because this medication can irritate your eyes.
While other products just soothe, Abreva can treat cold sore completely by key stages. It works in 3 main stages:
Firstly, Abreva works quickly by penetrating deep into the skin to source of the spreading virus.
Secondly, at the core of the cold sore, Abreva blocks the virus and provides a barrier to protect healthy skin cell.
Lastly, when used at the first tingle, it can cure the cold sore in half and two days.
With 3 stages, cold sore can be disappeared in a short time.

Side-effects and cautions

Although it’s a good product, side-effects can be occurred. Like other products, Abreva can cause some unexpected symptom like inflamed, breathless, dizzy and other signs. If you have any noticeable symptoms, stop use and ask a doctor if your cold sore gets worse and is not healed within 10 days.
For external use only, do not use if you are allergic to any ingredient in this product. When using it apply only to affected areas, do not use in or near eyes and avoid applying inside your mouth directly. Especially do not share this product with anyone, it can be spread infection. One more things is to keep out of reach of children.

Where can you buy Abvera and how much is it?

You can buy this product in drug store and website. I usually buy Abreva in Amazon because of its good service. It is sold with $14.99. I think this price is reasonable and the quality of it is good. That’s why I use this product and recommend for my friend and other people with cold sore.