Is It Okay to Exercise When You Get Cold Sores?

Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, are fluid- filled lesions appeared on the mouth, lips, noses or chin. As the result of the herpes simplex virus type one, cold sores occur on certain parts of the body. Moreover, the virus can be spread throughout the body by touching the fluids or sexual contacts. These lesions commonly take two or three week to heal. During this time, you should avoid some activities that may worsen your infection. For this reason, many people wonder whether it’s okay to exercise when they get cold sores. The article will help you find out the best answers.

Can exercise put you at risk of getting cold sores?

Cold sores are a contagious herpes infection. The virus can be passed from one person to another person by direct contact like kissing. It’s also transmitted by sharing eating utensils or a bottle. Can exercise give you cold sores? The answer is “no”. The physical act of exercising will not cause a cold sore. Herpes virus, however, can be spread through certain actions in the gym. This is especially true if you change exercise machines, use the same mats with an infected people. Similar to share utensils, you need to be mindful the reason.

Although the virus stays dormant until it’s triggered, you should be careful. Just a simple act of touching a machine that has been handled by an infected person can also be harmful. If you’re vulnerable to the virus or older, it’s important to be alert. But, there’s no need to live in fear. You can still have a quality workout while also taking cautions of your surroundings.

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Exercising will not cause a cold sore. However, herpes virus can be spread through exercise equipment in the gym

Exercising will not cause a cold sore. However, herpes can be spread through exercise equipment in the gym

Is it okay to exercise when you get cold sores?

It’s definitely “yes” to exercise when you get cold sores. Exercising helps promotes blood flow that speeds up healing process. When blood flow is best, it’s easier for the body to repair itself. In addition, exercise improves your mood. While getting cold sores tends to lower your self- esteem, exercise accesses endorphins hormone that raises your mood. For those reasons, it’s okay to exercise when you get cold sores.

However, be sure to work out for 30- 45 minutes because excessive exercise may lead to physical exhaustion. You already know that tiredness, feeling run down or fatigue are commonly worsen herpes infections or trigger a cold sore outbreak. As mentioned above, it’s necessary to take a look at training equipment. While working out near an infected person with herpes, take extra precautions. You should never share your towel or bottle of water. In case you have cold sores on your fingers, it’s best to work out at home until your infection is healed completely. This helps prevent the virus from spreading to others.

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It's still okay to exercise when you get cold sores

It’s still okay to exercise when you get cold sores

The best treatment for cold sores

Without treatment, cold sores will go way on their own within two weeks. This may be annoying and make you more stress. If you experience more itching and severe pain, topical treatment will help ease your symptoms. ProsurX is one of the best topical creams for cold sores. It includes wonderful FDA approved ingredients that are safe and have no side effects. Also, unlike other traditional cream, it can destroy the virus both on the skin’s surface and in lower skin layers. Therefore, it’s hard for the virus from coming back.

Occasionally, your doctor may prescribe Acyclovir, Valacyclovir to treat herpes. These antiviral medicines are also effective in treating and preventing herpes. Moreover, it’s very crucial to pay attention to lysine foods as well as avoid stress. The combination will be the best protection from getting herpes.

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Topical creams can help you remove cold sores rapidly

Topical creams can help you remove cold sores rapidly

Top tips for exercising with cold sores

If you’re having cold sores or worried about getting them from others, there’re certain things you can do during working with cold sores. Here’re top 4 tips you can try

1. Wide down equipment with antibacterial wipes

A gym has many training machines that are used by dozens of people every days. An infected person may rub their cold sores on a piece of equipment, and then they would infect the next one who touch that machine. Therefore, you should always use antibacterial wipes before and after using exercise equipment. Many gyms will have antibacterial papers as well as spray bottles that you can use.

2. Wear gloves

When you’ve cold sores on your fingers and insist on exercising at the gym, you need to wear gloves. If not, all training equipment you touch with your open sore fluids will spread the virus to whoever touches that machines next. It can be a little painful to work out when you have fever blisters on the hands. In that case, you only need to exercise gently until the infection is healed.

Wear gloves while working out to prevent cold sores from spreading

Wear gloves while working out to prevent cold sores from spreading

3. Exercise at home

The last way to exercise carefully when you’ve cold sores is to work out at home. Though this can’t be as fun because there’s no one to talk, at least you avoid infecting anyone.

4. Try another workout

Instead of going to the gym, you can try other types of workouts. Walking, jogging and running also have many benefits. These exercises may help heal cold sores faster. Meanwhile, the central nervous system releases endorphin hormone that makes you comfortable. This do wonderful things for healing cold sores. Just be sure to avoid exhaustion that worsens your symptoms.

Cold sores are a contagious infection that can spread to others through touching the fluids of herpes sores. When you get cold sores, it’s okay to exercise. Though workout doesn’t cause cold sores, exercise equipment that has been used by an infected person may spread the virus to others. Thus, you should take precautions while exercising with fever blisters. It’s also necessary to keep your body out of exhaustion during working out.