Effective Vitamins for Herpes

Herpes is a highly contagious infection caused by herpes simplex virus. There are different types of herpes simplex viruses. But the most common ones that people usually contract are herpes simplex 1 (HSV 1) and herpes simplex 2 (HSV 2). While HSV 1 causes cold sores (oral herpes), HSV 2 leads to genital herpes. It’s estimated that at least one in five American gets genital herpes. Both infections cause itch and discomfort for people get them. Not only that, herpes may lead to complications in without treatments.

Basic information about herpes

While many people with herpes don’t have any symptoms, others suffer a lot of severe signs. But having no symptoms doesn’t mean you don’t have the virus. The virus may stay dormant in the nervous system several years. Then, it can lead to many severe signs once meeting good factors. Most people with HSV1 are usually tingling and burning around lips, or nose. Then, itchy and painful blisters may appear in a few days. Children and people with other infections tend to develop oral herpes. This may be because they have a weakened immune system and antibodies can’t fight against HSV1. This virus is often spread by skin contact when sharing the same utensils, razors or kissing.

HSV2 usually causes blisters in the genital areas. The virus is transmitted through skin contact during unprotected sex. Vaginal, anal and oral sex without a condom will lead to genital herpes easily. Once having the infection, people can feel burning and tinging sensations around genital areas. Besides, they can feel itching, blisters can be appeared in some certain areas. Pain during urination can be seen one of its symptoms. Thus, the infection brings more discomfort and pain to patient.

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Although herpes is a common infection, people don’t know many ways to protect themselves. They still get the virus when blisters are visible on the infected person. It’s also transmitted anytime and spread one place to other places in the body. Thus, people need to get more information about herpes and the ways to fight against it.

Effective vitamins for herpes

When contracting herpes, the immune system is low that can’t defeat the virus. So, the most important thing is you need to provide antibodies to your body. Here are some effective vitamins for herpes.

Vitamin C. It contains in vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C is famous for great antioxidant and immune promoter vitamin. It’s rich in anti- bacterial and antiviral properties. So, it’s effective in treating HSV1 and contributes to immune system. It also reduces inflammation linked with infections and boosts immunity. By developing white blood cells function, vitamin C protects your body from herpes infections. But, in case cold sores are developing, you shouldn’t consume it as this may irritate your infection. 

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Vitamin D. It’s only a nutrient but also an important hormone in the body. Besides, vitamin D also boosts immune system and improves herpes infection. The vitamin plays an important role in stimulating the production of certain blood. This helps manage herpes virus and reduce inflammatory reactions in the body. Vitamin D exists in sun and many foods. It also contains in supplements. Thus, try to get enough sun, supplements to provide enough vitamin D to your body.


Vitamin E. The vitamin helps prevent the development of HSV2. In addition to, it stops outbreak effectively. Vitamin E contains more in green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and vegetable oil. Besides foods, you can take vitamin E supplements to provide enough vitamins for the body.


Vitamin A. Lacking of vitamin A can lead to high dangers of genital herpes infection. It’s recommended getting enough vitamin A will help in promoting the immune system. Moreover, it can protect body from other infections. Wonderful sources of vitamin A may contain in carrot, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and spinach. Thus, it’s essential for you to add these foods on your diet.


Vitamin B12. B vitamins may be beneficial in managing herpes outbreaks, especially vitamin B12. It’s useful in reduce stress- one of the causes of herpes outbreaks. Besides taking vitamin B12 supplements, you can add foods that are high in the vitamin like shellfish, soy products or skim milk.


Besides vitamins, you can take some creams or medications to treat herpes infection. Depending on your infections, you can choose appropriate treatments. In some of effective creams, ProsurX is seen one of the best creams to treat herpes, both oral and genital herpes. It also stops herpes outbreaks wells.


How can prevent herpes outbreaks

Once getting the virus, it won’t go away and stays quiet in the nervous system. Until meeting good conditions, the virus will reactive and cause outbreaks. Hence, you need to practice many tips to prevent herpes outbreaks.

Reduce stress. Stress is one of the causes of herpes outbreaks. It disturbs your nervous system and leads to other mental problems. If you think you are stress, try to reduce it. Some great ways of reducing stress are to do exercise and enjoy your hobbies.

Reduce alcohol and sugar. There is a strong connection among alcohol, sugar and herpes infections. Too much sugar or alcohol will produce unhealthy substances in the transformation of energy. This leads to herpes outbreaks easily. Thus, to avoid outbreaks, you should limit sugar and alcohol.

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Do exercise. In addition to preventing stress, exercise is an effective method to make your body healthier. It also improves your health conditions and boosts energy in the body. Through that, it will help prevent herpes outbreaks and protect yourself.

Get enough sleep. Sleep is vital in treating herpes infections as well as prevent outbreaks. Try to get enough sleep at least 8 hours each night. You will see the differences in your body once getting enough sleep.

Herpes is a common infection, so everyone will have equal chance to get it. To protect yourself from infection, you need to take enough vitamins and nutrients for the body. Not only that, it’s important for you to know herpes transmissions and avoid them.