Discover Your Cold Sore Triggers

Cold sore is a highly contagious disease. Everyone gets it easily, especially children. They can get cold sore through kisses from their infected relatives. It’s estimated that about two-thirds of people have been infected with the cold sore. The infection isn’t serious and can go away by itself. But it causes more discomfort and inconvenience for people in eating and drinking. There are a lot of reasons that lead to cold sore. The causes can be sex activities, unhealthy diet or others. Thus, it’s essential for you to know about cold sore triggers, which may protect yourself from getting the infection.

The cold sore and herpes simplex virus relationship

Cold sore, known as oral herpes, is caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1). You can get cold sore through kissing with infected person. Having oral sex also increases your chances of contracting the disease. Not only that, you can acquire the infection by touching the blisters of an infected person. Once you get the infection, the virus will stay forever in your body and lead to many outbreaks if possible. But most of the time, the virus will stay quietly and doesn’t cause any signs or outbreaks.

Besides, people who have weakened immune system tend to develop cold sore. It may be because they are lack of antibodies in the body that can’t help fight against the virus. As a result, old people and children usually get the infection. Although it’s a common disease, people are sometimes shy once getting it. Cold sore with blisters in their lips may make them unconfident and shy when chatting with other people.


Some cold sore triggers

Cold sore is caused by the HSV1, but the virus can be developed by many triggers. There are a lot of triggers you need to avoid that lowers your outbreaks.

Stress. Stress disturbs your emotions. It also lowers your immune system. Then, stress gives a chance to dormant virus develops. Instead, when having stress, you should breathe deeply and relax. There is a huge evidence that limiting your stress is effective to your life and health. You will be happy and avoid contracting cold sore.

Cold weather. Cold weather makes your lips dry and leads to crack. It’s a good condition for the HSV1 attack. If you’re getting the infection, cold weather can raise your painful situation. Thus, you need to keep your lip moist that prevents your damaged lips and oral herpes.

Fever and illness. Cold sore often comes back when you’re sick or having other infections. Flu, cold, fever or other infections decrease your immunity that raises development of HSV1. As a result, you tend to have cold sore at the same time with fever and illness, or later.


Sunlight. UV rays in the sunshine may destroy your lips and become trigger of cold sore. Not only that, it also damages your skin. So, you need to avoid sunlight directly. If going out, you should apply sunscreen to limit trigger of oral herpes.

Nutrient deficiency. Lack of vitamins and nutrients can lead to your outbreaks of cold sore. This is because your body doesn’t have enough antibodies to defeat the virus. Then, the virus develops and increases cold sores.

Hormonal changes. The huge hormonal changes in the body may lead to cold sore. Especially women during pregnancy usually get it. Their bodies have a big hormonal changes during pregnancy, so they can grow their cold sore easily.


Outbreaks can occur easily if meeting suitable triggers. They tend to appear in the same place. It’s because the virus lives in specific nerves. It stays dormant in one nerve. When the cold sore appears, the virus travels back down the nerves. They’re sent in the same place in the skin as with other outbreaks. So, cold sore tends to recur in the same place.

Limit outbreaks of cold sore

To prevent cold sore outbreaks, you need to avoid triggers and change your lifestyle. It’s necessary for you to choose medications to treat oral herpes as soon as possible.

When contracting cold sore, you can apply ProsurX to heal.  The product has been used widely in the market. Unlike other products with temporary treatment, ProsurX kills the virus in lower skin layer. Also, it’s made from natural ingredients, so it’s safe and has no side effect.


Besides, you should practice healthy lifestyle to reduce outbreaks of oral herpes. Getting enough sleep, reducing stress or doing exercise are useful to keep your health better. These ways also delete cold sore effectively.

Getting vitamin supplements is a helpful way that boosts the immunity and avoids nutrient deficiencies. You should add more foods that are high in antibodies and antioxidant. These foods prevent cold sore outbreaks beneficially. In addition, you can get some vitamins like vitamin C, E and zinc supplements to limit outbreaks.

If antibodies helps prevent cold sore reoccurrence,  high amino acid will increase your outbreaks. Thus, you need to limit foods that are rich in amino acid. Besides, reducing sugar or caffeine in your diet will help prevent cold sore outbreaks effectively.

Cold sore causes more discomfort for people. Although it can go away, it can spread to other areas of the body without treatments. Thus, you need to treat it immediately to prevent its complications. Besides, you should avoid some triggers that can lead to your cold sore.