7 Things That Prove Herpes Isn’t as Bad as You Think

Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus. It’s too common that everyone will have a chance to get it. You can get the disease through sexual activity or kissing blisters of an infected person. Unluckily, some people don’t know their diseases because herpes doesn’t show any special symptoms. Then, they give chances of contracting the disease to other people. Even though herpes is a highly contagious infection, it isn’t as bad as many people think. There are some information about herpes that prove it isn’t bad as you think.

1. Herpes is super common and often hidden

Herpes is usually caused by two strains of herpes simplex viruses (HSV). They’re HSV type 1 and type 2. While HSV1 causes cold sores around your mouth and lips, HSV2 leads to blisters in your genital herpes. Both of them are so popular that about 50% of people in the US get cold sore. Not only that, one in six Americans at the age from 14-49 is infected with genital herpes. In fact, the number of infected people is higher than the one you know. Thus, you shouldn’t be shy or worried about your disease. There are many people like you.


After being infected with herpes, some people show their symptoms. But it still has lots of people with herpes don’t develop any signs. They are often hidden. Normally, your immune system can fight the virus within 2 weeks after being infected. When your immune function is weak, the virus will show your signs.

2. You don’t get many outbreak a year

When the virus enters your body, it will stay forever in the nerve cells. Then, it leads to outbreaks if meeting good condition. In fact, the average amount of recurrences is 4-5 times a year. Or you may have no outbreak if the immune system is strong. Recurrences with herpes sores may make you painful and itching. But they’re not as serious as the first time you get. You can treat recurrences faster.

3. Symptoms can be non-existence, mild or severe

Lots of people with herpes won’t have signs after transmission. But others can show their signs after six days of being infected the infection. They can have blisters and pain in some certain areas, headache and fever. Depending on individuals, your signs can be severe, mild or non-existence. It’s important for you to boost you immune system that fights the virus and other infection.


4. Antiviral medicines and condom can limit transmission

Wearing a condom can reduce the dangers of acquiring the infection. But it’s not effective totally 100%. Because a condom can’t cover all infected area, skin contact during intercourse will spread the virus. A study in 2015 showed that in all couple were recommended to use condoms, nearly half of them are infected with the virus. Though condoms can’t protect your partner totally, it will reduce dangers of getting the virus.

For those who know they get the infection, taking antiviral medication will decrease the danger of transmission the virus to their partners.

5. You can still have a healthy sex life with herpes

Many people with herpes think that they must stop their sexual life because of spreading to their partners. But contracting herpes doesn’t mean you have to stop your sex life. There are lots of people with herpes still have sex. You also like them. You can take treatments to cure your disease and reduce spread of herpes. One more thing you should remember is try to not having sex if you’re growing an outbreak. And should use condom if possible.

6. Treatments can help you and your partners

Vaccines, antiviral medicines, topical creams are effective treatments that fight the virus. ProsurX is considered one of the best effective treatments for herpes. It can treat both cold sores and oral herpes. The product works by killing the virus on the surface and in deep skin layers. So, ProsurX is beneficial in removing the virus and preventing its spread. Then, it stops outbreaks before the virus starts.


Not only that, antiviral medicines are integral cures for herpes. Acyclovir and Valtrex are useful antiviral medicines for the infection. It can kill the virus and reduce transmission. You can take them daily if you’re developing the infection or an outbreak.

7. The pain of herpes may be more emotional than physical

Most people are so scared after being diagnosed with herpes. Even though they can cure signs of the infection, they’re often show their fear. People are even more afraid of herpes than they get chlamydia. While chlamydia can cause serious damage to their reproductive and health than herpes is. Herpes with blisters only causes a little pain in infected area. You may have emotional pain when you’re too worried about it. In general, you shouldn’t be too worried after being infected herpes. Treatments can relieve your signs.

Generally, herpes is a highly contagious infection. Everyone will have an equal chance of acquiring it. Especially people who usually have sexual activity without a condom. But you shouldn’t be too sacred about it. You can treat its symptoms and avoid outbreaks by limiting triggers and boosting your immune system. Herpes won’t be as serious as you think.