7 Exciting Things About Acne Down There That Women Should Notice

One day you notice some acne down there, it’s properly to assume that you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD). But you’re needless to worry much or jump to conclusion right away. Sometimes, acne down there may signal a common allergy due to heavily scented soaps. However, unlike other acne or pimples you can find on your face or chest, acne down there is usually more complex with different conditions. Keep reading to know exciting things about acne down there that women should notice.

7 Exciting Things About Acne Down There That Women Should Notice

1. Acne Down There Can Be Caused by Folliculitis

Although there’re many factors leading to acne down there, inflammation of the hair follicles could be to blame. Your skin commonly works well to protect you from harmful substances and even grows your hair. However, there’re wrong things could happen. If you have red acne down there, especially where you shave, it’s more prone to folliculitis. This skin condition is caused by staph, a kind of bacteria. Staph is often harmful on your skin all the time. But it will cause problems like folliculitis if it gets inside your body through a cut.

A mild acne down there caused by folliculitis may go away without any treatment, so women shouldn’t be much worried. Besides, you should practice good personal hygiene to heal it fast. Creams, gels, washes are helpful.

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Acne down there can be caused by folliculitis

Acne down there can be caused by folliculitis

2. Acne Down There Could Result From Your Clothing

Clothing is an exciting thing about acne down there that women should notice. What you wear can increase your risk of vaginal acne. In fact, there’re some types of fabrics which are more vagina-favorably than others. These bring to irritation and inflammation. Continual rubbing may cause pink bumps, when combined with yeast or bacteria, it easily leads to acne down there. Fortunately, you can prevent this by wearing cotton clothes which give you spaces to breathe. Along with that, be sure to change your sweaty underwear or tight clothing after working.

3. Fragrant Soaps Could Be to Blame for Acne Down There

Your vagina is known with a self-cleaning mechanism. So, it’s more likely to irritation when you use fragrant feminine hygiene products. If you notice acne down there sue to scent soaps or washes, you should immediately stop them. In addition, you can consider using a benzoyl-peroxide or anti-bacterial soap in the shower. These can help to get rid of your bumps down there. But make sure that you only use it the outside area, not inside the vagina itself.

Women should avoid fragrant soaps that may cause acne down there

Women should avoid fragrant soaps that may cause acne down there

4. Acne Down There Can Show Up As an Abscess

Another exciting thing about acne down there that women should notice is an abscess. Sometimes, acne down there can also present as an abscess. Like folliculitis, the abscess can be caused by rubbing from underwear or tampons. But it also happens as a secondary bacterial infection. If you’ve never had it before, you’re lucky. An abscess is usually hurting and you shouldn’t do anything to press on it unless it gets stretched enough to burst.  Also, avoid sticking a needle or other sharp instrument into the center if you don’t want the infection to spread. To be sure, you should see your doctor to deal with the acne down there.

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5. Another Factor Causes Acne Down There If It’s Not Folliculitis or Abscess

Besides folliculitis or abscess, hidradenitis suppurativa is another factor of acne down there women should notice. It’s an inflammatory skin condition that can have genetic or autoimmune component. You may have it from mild to severe symptoms, and it often shows up as painful, recurring, and persistent cysts. Apart from down there area, these can also occur in the buttocks, armpit, and breast. Unlike other forms of acne down there, this type of acne down there must be managed by a doctor. That’s because it goes away and comes back often throughout your life.

There're many causes of acne down there that women should notice

There’re many causes of acne down there that women should notice

6. Genital Herpes or Genital Warts May Cause Acne Down There

Another cause of acne down there that women should notice is genital herpes or genital warts. Both of them are highly contagious STDs and present bumps or acne down there. While genital herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus, HPV is responsible for genital warts. If you contract herpes, you may notice tingling, itching, and burning sensations that go along with small painful bumps. For genital warts, be more cautious with a cluster of skin-colored soft bumps down there. These are painless and non-itchiness.

Mostly, some STDs can be treated with antibiotics. But there’s no cure for genital herpes or genital warts. Fortunately, some available treatments can be helpful to relieve and prevent the viruses from coming back. Acyclovir, Valacyclovir are often prescribed antiviral medications for genital herpes. Besides, you can apply Prosurx to remove and prevent herpes or use VidaroX for genital warts.

7. Yeast Infections Also Cause Acne Down There

Vaginal yeast infections are another thing causing acne down there that women should notice. Commonly, a vaginal yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of Candida albicans. It usually causes very itching and uncomfortable down there. Sometimes, it’s possible to have sores from yeast infections. So, you should see your doctor if you have a very itching feeling and white thick discharge in the vagina. Luckily, a yeast infection is easily treated. Antifungal creams, ointments, and medications can help. You can consider applying Fugacil. This is of the best antifungal creams for yeast infections and other types of fungal infections.

There’re many reasons lead to acne down there that women should notice. It isn’t necessarily to STDs, but because of many other factors. If you notice acne down there, look back to think about the exact causes. Then, seek treatment for it as soon as possible.